Welcome, and thanks for checking out TMC Design! We’re Meghan & Ricky Allen, a design and decorating duo in Austin, TX. Here, you’ll find our blogdesign portfolio, information on our design & decorating services!


We believe that “home” isn’t just a place. “Home” is a feeling, and we desire to help others truly feel at home. Our story starts like many others. We were newlyweds trying to create that picture-perfect home on a far-from-perfect budget. We were also renting (and still are), which came with its own set of limitations. We had to utilize what we had and get creative with what we didn’t. Over the years, we’ve honed in on our vision and style, and we’ve learned that it’s far more important to have a home that reflects the people in it rather than one that only reflects the latest trends on Pinterest. We believe in quality design and tasteful decor, but we also believe in practicality, coziness, and seeing one’s personality come alive through their home.

Whether it’s through a blog post of tips and tricks, or one of our many design & decorating services, our desire is to create spaces that truly reflect the people inside of them. We want to empower others to achieve that feeling of “home” on any budget, in any location, and in any style,



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